MTS as a training organization

Do you have good manual dexterity and are looking for an unusual workplace?
In a two-year, in-house practical apprenticeship you can learn everything you need to become a ground marker. You receive a certificate of training from the IHK upon completion.

How can we help you?

Contact us without obligation to learn more about our services. You can reach us free of charge at

0800 - 544 8000

What we can offer you in training...

  • Full pay

    You receive a full salary with all additional allowances and bonuses, even as an apprentice.

  • Punctual payment based on performance

    For more than 10 years, all of our employees have always received a fair wage, paid on time.

  • Individual training program

    With our diverse range of services, we can offer you multi-faceted and individual training.

  • Personal training advisor

    Our training advisor is always available to assist and advise you with questions or problems. Working together with you, they expand the practical content and prepare you within the company for the certification course.

  • Company-provided work clothes

    Every qualified employee receives new and modern work clothes annually, including their own personal protective equipment.

  • Driver’s license and company car

    When you reach the age of 17, we pay for your driver’s license for passenger vehicles at the driving school of your choice. In addition, once you have passed the driving test you also have the opportunity to receive a company car upon request.

  • Help with personal situations

    We are there for you even for personal circumstances, and support you in a family environment.

  • Company celebrations

    In addition to our internal company celebrations like Summerfest and the Christmas party, we also plan regular departmental celebrations. 

  • Sporting events 

    We are happy to cover your entry fees for participation in sporting events such as marathons. In addition, every qualified employee receives a free membership to a gym. In addition to equipment training, you have the opportunity to work with an A-license personal coach. They can compile a fitness and nutrition plan upon request to help you achieve your personal goals.

  • Business e-bike

    Every qualified employee has the opportunity to receive a business e-bike upon request as deferred compensation in bicycle leasing.