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With close cooperation in an efficient network of employees, suppliers, and partners who offer you their specific expertise, we have a solid foundation for a concept that functions well for the long-term.

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We work closely with market-leading machines and material manufacturers to complete our services. We effectively use the strengths of each individual to ensure professional marking for your project too.

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We stand by our work, guaranteed. All work is done by our professionally trained and certified employees. Our work is continually monitored by a testing institute recognized by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (Bundesantalt für Straßenwesen).

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MTS Bodenmarkierung

Our team of highly qualified experts with many years of experience support you with innovative ideas and solid technical expertise in all areas of ground marking. As an independent company, we offer you the advantage of professional completion of all phases of your project from design and feasibility study to planning and initial use—in other words, we offer you

full service from one source, all across Germany.

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We are your partner for any and all types of ground markings.

From road striping to warehouse marking and parking lot marking, logistics markings and sports facility marking, to airport striping and colorful playground marking. We perform all types of marking for both public customers as well as customers from private industry.

You will be impressed by our high level of service.

Various companies have already made use of our services. On our website we provide you with information on all of our areas of activity, and present an image gallery of our work.

We hope this gives you a small glimpse into the extensive area of application for ground marking, and we pledge to complete the work you entrust to us in a timely and professional manner. We are always available and happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.

We look forward to assisting you on your projects with our skilled expertise.



Abrasion, also known colloquially as wear and tear, describes the degeneration of surfaces from grinding, rolling, hitting, scratching, chemical, or thermal stresses.

carapax offers effective, durable, and cost-effective protection against early wear on all surfaces.

The use of carapax protects not only against mechanical wear but the protective coating is also resistant to acids, bases, organic wastes and other liquid chemical substances.



Corrosion damage affects almost all areas of infrastructure, from highways, bridges, and buildings to ships, oil and gas pipelines, chemical systems and water or wastewater lines. Such damage doesn’t result in significant economic losses, but rather pose a threat to public safety and the environment. Supply interruptions and plant downtime as well as extensive repairs result in significant financial expenses.

With the use of carapax, we stop the premature loss of value in systems, components, and buildings that comes from corrosion.

We guarantee effective, durable, and cost-efficient protection from a wide variety of the effects of corrosion.



Water penetration into substrates causes significant damage to the building structure. Protecting buildings and surfaces with an effective coating is one of the traditional areas of use for carapax. All of our coating systems are suitable for ensuring effective protection of the substrate from moisture.

Applied as a coating to flat roofs, basements, pools, or foundations, we always offer the right solution depending on individual circumstances, stresses, and physical requirements.



Applied as a non-slip coating, carapax offers not only protection against knocks and impacts, but it also ensures that all transported goods stay in their place.

In logistics or cargo, carapax protects the usable areas of trailers, trucks, and transporters. In addition, our system also extends the service life of transport boxes, pallets, and other loading systems.



carapax offers not only protective coatings but also coatings for thermal and sound insulation. This MID system is used for thermal insulation in roof trusses, facades, or floors in housing construction. The space to be insulated is filled in a dimensionally stable, complete, and gapless manner. This minimizes heat loss and damaging condensation is completely prevented.

In addition to thermal insulation, the system also meets all requirements for the properties of an excellent sound insulation because the stability and flexibility of the material remains throughout the entire service life.

carapax also meets the requirements for fire safety protection of Class E, is mold and mildew resistant, and has better insulation values than commercial insulation.